Intellectica Systems Inc.

Provider of Enterprise, Tailor-Made Hosting Solutions

Intellectica Systems Inc. which was founded in 2000 provides value added dedicated hosting solutions to clients worldwide. Our minimum standard ensures that customer satisfaction is at the front of our service mandate and that it takes into account a positive user experience. 

At Intellectica Systems every client is protected and supported with the very best security, technical support, availability, redundancy and stability. In our specialized hosting environment client support is critical, so we’re ultra responsive to your every need. That’s our guarantee!

Intellectica Systems is housed at best datacenteres around the globe. Our data center environment has been built for security, high availability, connectivity and redundancy. Benefit from an industry-leading power-to-space ratio and technicians who work on-site around the clock safeguarding your IT assets and supporting the management of your computing systems. 

Intellectica Systems Inc. have multiple high quality networking options, you have the flexibility to choose the ideal solution for your needs in a carrier-neutral setting. Our network configurations are all designed to deliver reliability, availability and redundancy. Our premium network is optimized for performance and reliability, directly connects you to three Tier 1 providers. Unlike other providers that optimize to the lowest-cost route, we ensures maximum speed and reliability for your data and in a true carrier-neutral setting.

Reasons to Choose Intellectica Systems


We proactively project and plan space and hardware requirements for every account to be ready to sky rocket with your business the day you decide to scale it up.

Best Customer Support

Every day, Our certified, international engineering and support squads ensure the best customer experience through an individual approach to projects, irrespective of their scale and complexity.

Affordable Price

We are one of the best web hosting company when it comes to pricing! We have unmatched price with quality service that you won't find anywhere else.

Global Reach

We utilizes multiple certified datacenter facilities across 2 continents, providing the opportunity for customers to tap into the most lucrative while holding a firm business grip on developed parts of the world.