Cloud VPS & Servers

Get up and going quickly with a fully optimized server backed by 24/7/365 Technical Support in less than 25 minutes. Benefit on Intellectica’s renowned reputation for availability and uptime, optimal performance and speed, and support when you need it.

Cloud Server/VPS Hosting

Intellectica Systems instant cloud insures scalability and manageability, customized to help the growth of your business, at any rate. The first product in the Instant Cloud family, Instant Files, offers an unlimited durable storage at a sensible price, making it a necessity. 

Your data is your most valuable asset. We nourishes it in the way it deserves. It is highly accessible and with the help of numerous integrations, you can always use it the way you need.

Why Choose Intellectica Systems

Cloud servers are virtual machines that provide resizable computing resources. Through a simple web interface you can create, scale, and operate your cloud servers. You pay only for the resources you use. Our cloud servers were designed to work in conjunction with or independently of other Intellectica services.

Cloud Infrastructure

Our elite team of engineers will optimize, monitor, and secure your websites, by subscription or on demand.

Simple Integration

Instant Files supports literally any workflow. With minor to no changes in your code and work process, you will get all the benefits of Instant Files literally with zero delay.

Free Migration

If you are moving from other host, you don't have to worry about anything, Intellectica Systems will take care of that for you.

Scalable Environment

Security-minded architecture and workflows plus front-end Siteblock scans keep your sites safer and even domestic.

Reduce Your Server Load

Servers should be utilized efficiently. Serving as storage for static files, hardly does that. Speed your servers by ridding them of the unnecessary burden.

Light Speed Delivery

With CDN integration, could server will serve your content at the best speed possible. Don't let your customers wait until page loads.